Tabkobo Vietnam, your knowledgeable and experienced travel companion
With our qualifications, we will always follow every customer and corporate body closely while providing high quality trips.
Our company’s strengths are arrangement and follow-up.
If you still do not have a clear plan, please contact us.

Support business trips

We offer optimal plans for customers such as airline tickets, hotels, vehicles, visas, tour guides, and interpreters. We will support utilities for customers to have an effective and meaningful business trip. Let’s talk about the necessary flight bookings such as the completion of a business trip or a business trip from Japan. We will also undertake the necessary VAT billing for customers to calculate costs.

The points by

  • If you have not found out about a flight schedule and also want to stay longer, we will also give you some suggestions.
  • The website also guides you on difficult routes to search from many airlines such as flying one way bussiness class or when flying straight, when you return and then transit in Hanoi.
  • About the hotel you can receive incentives for travel agencies, such as free late check out.
  • Vehicles and tour guides have a track record of satisfying’s customers from Japan.

Inspection arrangements (such as industrial estates)

Please talk to us if you receive a request from a parent company in Japan or a request from a partner to visit the industrial park, .. we will arrange a car, tour guide as well as an interpreter. for you so you can make the tour most convenient and comfortable.

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  • We arrange experienced interpreters to handle situations of Japanese customers. At the same time, we will also arrange transportation to satisfy customers from Japan.
  • We also offer various types of research market by attracting Vietnamese people at seminars, distribution tests by type industry, market presentations or seminars. Vietnam.
  • We can also book reservations with restaurant branches or book tours at your leisure time.


Proposing staff to travel immediately in Vietnam and overseas trips. We will offer the best travel plans and teambuilding events based on the budget. We can also offer special experiences for travel that motivates employees.

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  • We can fullfill small groups from 10 people to large groups of hundreds.
  • We also make suggestions based on the requirements of aspirations as well as the budget, the teambuilding events will also serve professionally, things to do by hand like what the person in charge requires.
    Example: Teambuilding cooking by installing special cooking stove in the hotel. We can fullfill small groups froms 10 people to large groups of hundreds.
  • We will give an arrangement of Vietnamese attendants who can cope with Japanese.
  • We can recommend a variety of topics to bring to the party or reserve.
    Example: Gala dinner party in special area of ​​Hoi An ancient town.

Travel to Japan (tourism, training, inspection, invitation, etc.)

Have you ever received a request from a Vietnamese business partner or someone familiar with arranging to come to Japan before? If you are a Japanese citizen, we will provide and arrange high quality, detailed travel. For example, sightseeing tours combined with research, observation, or arrangement of experience programs.

The points by

  • Not only is the sightseeing tour, but we will be flexible to arrange a combination of sightseeing, observation as well as research training.
  • Not only are regular service packages, but we can also offer places that are rarely introduced in Vietnam.
  • Experience-based guidance that leads to training is also possible.
    Example: Tea ceremony experience, kimono dressing experience, packed train experience, sumo wrestling room visit, sushi making experience and tasting, a large number of chamber teams, etc.
  • VAT invoice can be issued.

Events (Opening ceremony, anniversary events, parties, etc.)

When there are large-scale events that use only the human resources in the company, it is a heavy responsibility to organize many events. We will help you with one-stop service, including equipment rental, interpreter arrangements, as well as hotels, transportation and sightseeing arrangements for guests from Japan.

The points by

  • Managing or planning events will take a lot of effort. But we will provide you with One-stop service covering all types of services.
  • We arrange trips such as airline tickets, hotels, arrange pick up and visit for guests from Japan and Vietnam as well as renting equipment, presenter (MC), interpreters for events, etc. according to the aspirations and budget requirements.
  • Wedding parties, small exhibitions, workshops, etc., First of all, please contact us “Can you do things like this?” We will work closely with you to support the event. public.

Individual travel (air ticket, hotel, visa package etc)

We will accept flights to other countries and temporary return flights to Japan by taking short trips to nearby areas and long holidays such as the end of the year. Please feel free to contact us for flights, hotels, optional tours, visas, golf and more.

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  • If it is a personal reservation, it will be a reservation immediate settlement, but we will accept temporary reservation as much as possible.
  • We will recommend the optimal airline or flight route you want depending on the availability of the seats.
  • We can also Support emergencies with our overseas network.
  • We will also plan a limited plan for marathons and festivals as needed.
    Example: Angkor Wat International Half Marathon, Singapore Marathon, Chiang Mai Komloi Festival, etc.

Online Booking

Booking air tickets, hotels, Vietnam & Overseas Tours, Optional tours.