Booking limited from 10th Sep to 3rd Oct! Special price for flight to Narita with ANA’s business class 1,050USD!

As you know, the Bon festival and summer holiday are over, now we have the fall campaign for flight from Ho Chi Minh to Narita with business class!
A special price 1050 USD + TAX for business class of ANA (All Nippon Airways), a safe Japanese airline.
It’s just little bit late, but do you have any plans for trip coming back to Japan and business trip ?

 <Campaign details>
■ Reservation period: Until 3rd October
■ Travel period: From 15th September
■ Maximum number of days to stay: Up to 14 days
■ Air ticket price: 1050 USD
■ Booking class: P class

There are some cases that on your hope schedule it’s crowded, few remaining seats or even full seats.
When you are considering, please do not hesitate to contact us.
※ Rates are subject to change without notice. As it will depend on the availability of air ticket, so please kindly contact us for more detail.
※ In addition of the fuel surcharge and airport taxes, issuing ticket fee business class will be charged 40USD.
※ For change / cancellation after issuing ticket, change fee: 150 USD, cancellation fee 500 USD.
※ Change / cancellation after departure will be impossible.

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