We start to promote special tour at a hidden resort “Phan Thiet” · Village of minority “Sapa” – Departure until September, 2019! !

Did you plan to go to somewhere on this summer?

Lots of people return to Japan for Bon Festival, but Vietnam doesn’t have it…
But it is a summer so let prepare for domestic tours (1 or 2 nights)!

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◆ Enjoy the beach and sightseeing at the hidden resort at Phan Thiet! 1 day and 2 nights
Because there are many taxis and motorbikes when traveling in Ho Chi Minh city … so let try to experience by train.
Look at the scenery from the window of the train, relaxing at the beach side ♪
On the next day, you will enjoy the sand dunes and sightseeing in valleys.

◆ Private tour with Japanese guide to go to minority village “Sapa”! 2 nights 3 days
Going from Hanoi to Sapa by private car, returning with a gorgeous sleeper train ♪ plan ♪
Going to Sapa, we will visit ethnic minority villages and some famous market. Because there is an inclusive guide, there is no worry of languages!
Let’s go to see a beautiful rice terraces landscape and mountain ethnic minority living together with nature!

※ Although it is a tour to and from Hanoi, we can make arrangements for hotels and air tickets from Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi also.
We will arrange tour to meet your hope, so please feel free to contact us.

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