• ・Customers who use our website must be over 18 years old or have guidance from their legal guardians.
  • ・Customers who are less than 18 years old: need parental approval when placing an order. When receiving an order from an under-age customer, we will assume that such order has been duly approved by the customer’s guardian.
  • ・ Customers may use the website to purchase products on the website, provided that they comply with these Terms of use.
  • ・It is strictly prohibited to use any part of the website for commercial purpose or providing any service or product to a third party. Any customer breaching these terms and conditions without approval from TABIKOBO VIỆT NAM may be deactivated and blocked from out website in accordance with law without any notice.
  • ・The content of these terms may be subject to change depending on our situation without any notice. However, if you place an order before a particular change of terms, the terms presented at the time of the order will prevail.
  • ・We provide product information on our website for our customers’ reference before placing an order. As TABIKOBO VIỆT NAM is not the manufacturer, all customer comments and opinions appear on our website do not reflect our official reviews, but remain only personal and subjective inputs from our customers.
  • ・Products pictures are pictures of the actual product. However, the color may differ from that of the actual product due to the variable characteristics of the monitor on which they are displayed.
  • ・Occasionally, the production or sale of some products are disabled without notice. We hope for and appreciate your sympathy.
  • ・When a particular product is out of stock, we will have to regrettably refuse to accept new orders for such product. When delivery of a particular order is delayed, we will inform you via email or phone call.
  • ・Despite our best efforts to provide you with accurate product information, small errors may still occur during typing or faulty original data… Moreover, the manufacturer may change some details of their product, making them different from the information we provide, so please check your orders upon delivery and sympathize with us if such inconsistency occurs. If you identify any differences from the product delivered to you and the product posted on our website, and refuse to accept such differences, you may cancel your order or return the product.
  • ・Please do not reveal your customer number, order number and password to a third party as they are important information that helps us identify your uses of our services. We are not responsible for any damages caused by your revelation of such information.
  • ・You must use correct personal information for registration and duly update for personal profile. You must also take responsibility for your password, account and activities on our website. Moreover, when knowing of any unauthorized access and use of your account, please immediately inform TABIKOBO VIỆT NAM. We hold no responsibility, direct or indirect, for any damages related to a breach of this policy.
  • ・When registering an account on our website, you have accepted to receive promotional emails from TABIKOBO VIỆT NAM. If you no longer want to receive our promotional emails, please fill out the following request form.


All and each of the content on our website, including customer comments and feedbacks, are properties of TABIKOBO VIỆT NAM. However, any customer provides illegal contents, such as vulgar language and distorted information, that threaten or hurt honor, or violate privacy or intellectual properties, of a third party; or accurate contents, including software viruses, which mislead, provoke political conflicts, or assist commercial funding activities, will have their account blocked as required by the law of Vietnam or be handled in other forms.


  • ・To protect and ensure equality for all customers, we may reject an order in one of the following situations:
    • a. The quantity of the order exceeds an appropriate amount for personal use (buying wholesale goods for retailing).
    • b. An invalid voucher is used for the order (fake or illegal voucher)
  • ・If a customer refuses to comply with our terms and policies, we will reject their order without notice and may permanently deactivate their account.
  • ・ You may not change the delivery address and invoice address that you provide when placing an order after TABIKOBO VIỆT NAM has confirmed your order. If such information is wrong, you must cancel the order and place a new order with correct information.


You may pay for your order in cash upon delivery or via online payment services (credit card, debit card, domestic ATM card).
You may select one of the above-mentioned forms of payment. However, if your order exceeds 40 million dongs in value: for safety reasons, please use one of the online payment services.
You are not required to pay a deposit for your order. If you receive a deposit request from TABIKOBO VIỆT NAM or the sales team, please inform us of such request.


Products sold directly by TABIKOBO VIỆT NAM will be delivered across the country, unless otherwise required in the labels of such product.


  • ・The prices appear on our website is final and VAT included. Prices may be subject to change from time to time and due to promotional schemes. Shipping cost and/or any other additional expenses will be shown on your payment page when you place an order.
  • ・We assure that all the information and prices we display are accurate, but errors and mistakes may still occur due to objective causes. When a price error is detected, our system will automatically cancel relevant orders and send notice to relevant customers via emails or SMS. Afterwards, we will immediately refund these customers (if the orders are pre-paid).


  • ・Our website is equipped with confidentiality tools and features that help protect customer personal information and transaction information in all aspects. All information provided and created during transactions will be encrypted and treated as most confidential. All transaction information is protected, but may be provided for competent authorities when requested by law enforcement.
  • ・You must not use any program or tool to interfere with our system or change our data structure. TABIKOBO VIỆT NAM strictly prohibits any increase, extension or dissemination of any activity that may hinder or intrude data systems of any individual or organization. Anyone breaching this provision will be deprived of all privileges and subject to prosecution if required.


  • ・All customer information provided and created during transactions on our website using a credit card/ debit card/ ATM card will be protected by encryption. Additionally, please pay due attention to the following details when making an online payment:
  • ・Restraint from lending your credit card or account for online payments.
  • ・When an unwanted transaction is performed, please promptly contact TABIKOBO VIỆT NAM.
  • ・Please perform routine check on your bank account to ensure that all of the transactions are in your control.


Customers are required to provide accurate and sufficient information when performing transactions on our website. TABIKOBO VIỆT NAM may refuse services and cancel orders, without having to take any legal obligations, for a customer who provide wrong account or transaction information, resulting in an uncompleted or suspended transaction. When a customer contacts TABIKOBO VIỆT NAM or vice versa to confirm an order for any reason (including without limited to when the transaction is of high value, when there is a sign of a fraud…) and the customer fails to provide necessary information, TABIKOBO VIỆT NAM may cancel the order.


Any dispute or complaint regarding transaction on our website will be resolved through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration.


  • ・We reserve the right to suspend or block any customer account if they breach our terms of use and cause damages.
  • ・All of these terms of use (and obligations resulting from these or other terms of use) are subject to change and interpretation in accordance with the law of Vietnam. We reserve the right to revise these terms at any time and such revision will take effect upon being posted on our website.
  • ・Customers should only make purchases if they accept and thoroughly understood all the terms and conditions displayed on our website (not limited to these terms of use).


  • ・We use cookie for this website to provide you with more convenient experience in your future accesses.
  • ・Cookies are information that our website sends to your browser and are saved on your computer. However, such information does not include any personal information, such as your name, address, phone number, and email address. Moreover, Cookies does not harm your computer in any form. You may reject the use of Cookies and customize your browser settings at your discretion. In this case, we will not interfere with your browser settings. Please contact the developer of your browser to receive guidance on browser settings.


TABIKOBO VIỆT NAM guarantees to assure confidentiality for your personal information by complying with the following rules:

  • ・We will manage and protect personal information you provide (name, address, phone number, company name, products you have purchased…) as important confidential information.
  • ・We will only provide access to your information for staff members responsible for maintaining your records. People of no responsibility will not be authorized to access and research our customer information.
  • ・Personal information you provide will only be used for the following purposes: conducting our website surveys, making delivery, updating product – sales promotion information.
  • ・Necessary methods will be implemented to protect customer confidentiality.
  • ・We guarantee not to provide or transfer your information for any third party. During our course of development, if we employ consignment services which are provided by a third party, everyone involved will be requested to sign a confidentiality commitment.


Personal information is information about a person, such as name, date of birth, gender, phone number, email address, occupation, workplace (information to identify a particular person).


We only collect and use personal information for one or some of the following purposes:
(Personal information we collect only include information that our customers have agreed to provide)

  • ・To carry out deliveries for our customers’ orders
  • ・To introduce new products and provide beneficial information for our customers
  • ・To collect opinions and ideas to improve our services
  • ・To respond to or resolve our customers’ requests.


Unless we have obtained your approval or for a reasonable cause, such as when required by law, we promise not to provide your personal information for any third party.


We employ certain consignees (shipping companies…) to help us provide our products and services. When necessary, we will provide them with some of personal information of our customers. However, we will manage and ensure their appropriate use of such information and compliance with our confidentiality policy.


To prevent leak, loss… of personal information, we will assign staff members to manage our customers’ personal information, implement appropriate management methods to assure full confidentiality, and perform ongoing updates to assure information accuracy.


When and if the customer requests to look up, revise or delete particular information they provided, after having confirmed that the requester and the provider of such information is the same person, we will promptly try our best to carry out the request.